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We have a vision of a united world for citizens and those that protect them. We are passionate about delivering on that vision by creating accessible technologies that enable a modern-day police force that is fully transparent, accountable, and trusted.


An Arx Was Critical to the Community

“Arx” is a Latin word meaning “citadel”. In Roman times, they built an Arx in each region that provided excellent visibility to monitor for danger.

Our product concepts of SEE, ANALYZE, and ACT are similar to the Arx system:

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Strong Values Motivate Positive Actions

At Arx, we work hard to create powerful solutions that are also easy to use. In order to do this, we work closely with law enforcement agencies to understand how they operate and how we can make their lives easier. To do this, we have six core principles in how we work. We are:

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Arx Helps You Modernize Your Police Force

Arx is your partner to help you to engage your community, improve public image and create a safer environment. Together we can do this with innovation and a collaborative relationship to help you create a modern-day police force.


Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent predictions. Learn from the mistakes the first time by identifying potential issues before they escalate and cause impact.


With cloud data storage, automated workflows, and internal processes to save you time and money as well as make your team compliant and efficient.


Watch and optimize your internal and external communities with software that learns and monitors behavior to improve its effectiveness as it monitors all data.


Alerts save you time, money and prepare you to intervene at a moment’s notice in the office, field and on the go.


Leverage the Arx Community software platform to gain deep insights into the needs and activities of the communities you serve.


The more data you give the system to analyze, the better it becomes at predicting actions and serving your community.


Arx provides unparalleled customer support designed to ensure you and your team are always winning.


Tailored dashboards help visual job functions with graphs and real-time reporting to ensure you make the right decisions.

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