Founded in Detroit, Michigan, we aim to make our communities safer places to live. We do this by helping you create transparency and accountability in the communities you lead and serve.

Arx Community is our way of helping you gain back control and feel more secure in the rapidly changing world we live in today.

Innovative management and community awareness technologies

Arx Community provides a 360 degree view of every officer and every community encounter, every day.

  • Community Transparency Dashboard

  • Community Forms

  • Community Command Dashboard

  • Community Wellness

  • Command Voice

  • At risk staff analysis

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We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

The Benefits of Arx Community


Stay ahead of the curve with intelligent predictions. Learn from the mistakes the first time by identifying potential issues before they escalate and cause impact.


With cloud data storage, automated workflows, and internal processes to save you time and money as well as make your team compliant and efficient.


Watch and optimize your internal and external communities with software that learns and monitors behavior to improve its effectiveness as it monitors all data.


Alerts save you time, money and prepare you to intervene at a moment’s notice in the office, field and on the go.


Leverage the Arx Community software platform to gain deep insights into the needs and activities of the communities you serve.


The more data you give the system to analyze, the better it becomes at predicting actions and serving your community.


Unparalleled customer support designed to ensure you and your team are always winning.


Tailored dashboards help visual job functions with graphs and real-time reporting to ensure you make the right decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this better than other products on the market?2020-11-01T00:38:13+00:00

We are the first and only integrated smart risk management software in the cloud. This means faster startup, predictable pricing, and more accurate detection of risk with our 100+ best practices.

Will my employees be able to login and see sensitive information?2020-11-01T00:37:06+00:00

User dashboards are customized based on job role and function. Each user only sees information that is designated to their user access level.

Do I have to ask my employees for personal information?2020-11-01T00:36:15+00:00

Any information an employee is required to disclose at the beginning of their employment will be used in accordance with established policy.

What happens if I have problems with the system that I can’t fix on my own?2020-11-01T00:35:03+00:00

We’ll be there to help you.

Do I need to know code or be tech savvy?2020-11-01T00:33:20+00:00

The system is extremely user friendly. No previous computer programming experience required. We’ll handle any technical challenges that may arise.

What kinds of situations does the system look for?2020-11-01T00:32:19+00:00

We use over 100+ best practices based on years of experience to review as a starting point, then we will explore common situations with your team that are custom to your needs and processes.

Is my data safe on the Cloud?2020-11-01T00:27:14+00:00

Our software is built on the industry-leading AWS GovCloud platform, providing compliance with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard.

How much does it cost?2020-11-01T00:18:58+00:00

Arx Community is a cloud based management and community awareness platform that is accessible and affordable to agencies of all sizes.  Please contact us for a custom quote fit to your department.

What if we make a massive organizational change down the road?2020-11-01T00:20:31+00:00

The system is easily adaptable. We can identify a new set of best practices based on your organizational goals.

How long does it take to get started?2020-11-01T00:23:02+00:00

You can get started on day-one with our ready-to-go cloud solution. If you have systems that require integration or customizations, please contact us so we can collaborate with you on the best setup plan.

What kind of data do you need from me to start?2020-11-01T00:25:25+00:00

We will utilize whatever data you can give us access to. Some examples include:

  • Incident reports
  • Use of force reports
  • Calls for service report
  • Personnel overtime data
  • Human resource information
  • Citizen complaints
  • Training records
  • Video data
What is machine learning?2020-11-01T00:28:41+00:00

Once deployed, our machine learning software begins to identify behavior patterns to predict when an incident may occur. The more data provided, the better it becomes at making predictions and alerting you to potential risks.

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