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Oakland County/CLEMIS Partnershp with Arx

Oakland County has initiated a Public Safety Transparency Dashboard opportunity for CLEMIS member agencies. CLEMIS and the Oakland County Executive’s Office, IT Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office have been working together to provide a law enforcement transparency dashboard for CLEMIS members. Additionally, Sheriff Mike Bouchard is using the Arx Community dashboard for all substations.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. The dashboard allows you to share data from CLEMIS in easy to understand charts and graphs with the public. 
  2. It is FREE to all Oakland county agencies for the first two years.
  3. CLEMIS provides Arx the raw CLEMIS incremental summary data including Calls for Service, Citations, and Arrests monthly for all agencies participating in this program.
  4. Arx delivers an Oakland County Transparency Dashboard template that your agency can personalize with unique agency verbiage and additional data (training, use of force, etc.). 
  5. Arx works directly with your agency to design, test and certify your Transparency Dashboard.

Any agency wanting more information on the program should request information from CLEMIS by emailing servicecenter@oakgov.com. If you are ready to get your dashboard, you can contact Arx by filling out the form below.

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CLEMIS Examples

View Live Transparency Dashboards

For illustrative purposes, these agencies are showcasing only the BASELINE transparency dashboard.  They may add additional information, and your agencies may also want to include additional data points that are within CLEMIS or that you maintain separately.

"Community trust in their government, including law enforcement, is an important part of working together to strengthen the fabric of our communities. We hope communities find the Transparency Dashboard a useful tool to enhance their local transparency efforts."

Dave Coulter, Oakland County Executive


Arx Community is Designed for Today's Police Agencies

Arx delivers on the promise of helping public safety agencies create safer communities by uncovering relevant, accurate, and timely information needed to help public safety leaders manage their personnel and improve community trust.

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"We have always been an open book in our service to the community and this is another opportunity for us to showcase that ongoing transparency."

— Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard, Oakland County


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