Arx Community is Eligible for Grant Funding through the State of Ohio's Office of Criminal Justice Services

Learn how to get funding for the Arx platform with its flexible digital forms system and Arx Community transparency dashboard to improve internal efficiency and to build trust with your community.

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The OCJS Grant Program

The Office of Criminal Justice Services of Ohio is making Arx eligible for grant funding for eligible Ohio law enforcement agencies.

Here’s how the program works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Each agency needs to contact Arx directly to learn about the product and determine what solutions are the best fit for their agency. To do this, fill out the form below or contact
  2. Eligible agencies will then purchase Arx directly and be reimbursed by the OCJS of Ohio. Arx will work with you to notify OCJS of your request for reimbursement during the sales process.

  3. Agencies will be reimbursed by OCJS directly.
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Arx Community Examples

View Live Transparency Dashboards

Here are a variety of examples of live Arx Community transparency dashboards from law enforcement agencies. These dashboards are shared with their citizens to instill trust and are used during council, board, and community meetings for constructive discussion and positive engagement.

"I believe the Arx Community transparency dashboard is exactly what communities have been asking for throughout the entire country."

Jeff Jedrusik, Chief of Police, Westland


Arx is Designed for Today's Police Agencies

Arx delivers on the promise of helping public safety agencies create safer communities by uncovering relevant, accurate, and timely information needed to help public safety leaders manage their personnel and improve community trust.

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"Arx Alert significantly reduced the time my officers had to spend on ‘paperwork’ and got them back to doing what they signed up for—keeping our community safe."

— Commander DeShaune Sims, 12th Precinct Detroit


It's Easy and Rewarding to Launch Arx

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The Bottom Line

Contact Arx to Learn More and Get Your OCJS Funding Secured

Fill out the form and submit and we’ll contact you to answer your questions, discuss the Arx products that are the best fit for your agency, and determine next steps to get started.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Megan Rice directly at or 248-365-0305 ext. 700.