Risk Pools and Insurers Are Lowering Risk and Saving Money with Arx

Arx partners with Public Safety Risk Managers to bring our transparency and accountability solutions to its members while getting the managers all the data they need to proactively mitigate risk.

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Public Safety Risk Management is Reactive

The job of the Public Safety Risk Manager at risk pools and insurance providers is a difficult job. Identifying member risk is typically done reactively by looking at complaints or use of force reports after alerted to a problem—often when legal actions have already been taken.

The only way to truly identify risk and mitigate it is to have access to the data and technology that can identify potential at-risk behaviors before they become a larger problem. To be effective, Public Safety Risk Managers need easy access to the comprehensive data for its members. That’s what Arx provides. 

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Arx Makes It Simple for Agencies to Collect Data

Arx has a fully integrated digital forms application created by law enforcement leaders to meet national and state accreditation best practices. The forms are designed to reduce risk while making review and approval simple.

Arx Alert provides options for both self-service form creation and management, along with a fully managed forms offering in which the Arx professional support team will help build, implement, and support advanced forms needed by a risk pool.

Our standard forms library includes:

“Everything is going to start in Arx. Whether it be a formal complaint that will turn into a major investigation or a citizen saying we did a great job. Arx really gives us a complete picture of what’s going on and how our people are doing.”

— Jason Langston, Commander, Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

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Arx Enables Early Intervention for Potential Risk Issues

The Arx Alert dashboard provides a central location for your members’ command staff to access, interact and analyze up-to-date team information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions for the community they lead. Arx works with risk pool and member leadership to define and implement standard thresholds based on best practices and Arx Alert platform capabilities. Arx employs artificial intelligence to proactively identify at-risk behaviors. 

Risk pool members can:

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"With Arx Alert, DPD supervisors’ ability to identify and correct officers’ at-risk behavior became easier, and was more directly emphasized as a critical part of supervisors’ job duties."

— U.S. Department of Justice, Detroit Consent Decree Resolution

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Better Risk Mitigation Saves Money

Risk Managers are more proactive to prevent costly problems
Reduces lawsuits and claims—saving members money
Providing Arx improves member recruitment
Keeps premiums low and members staying
member benefits

Public Safety Agencies Love Arx

Improves community engagement and builds trust
Ensures compliance and accountability
Less time on 'paperwork' means more time for policing
Saves money with lower premiums and less lawsuits
Arx Is Radically Changing Public Safety

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