Arx – Community Transparency

The Community Transparency Dashboard connects the activity data of your department and showcases it to your community in a clear and concise way that provides the transparency the community you serve desires while helping you see the critical areas needed to engage.

  • Real time information updated daily.

  • Empowers you to manage your department and community on a single platform.

  • Protects the department.
  • Access to key department documents in one place.
  • Create community transparency.

Arx – Community Forms

Arx Community forms is a fully integrated digital forms application that saves your command staff and officers time by creating an easy and familiar way to collect data.  Digital forms are a key to analyzing the information of the communities you serve.

  • Maintain compliance and ensure forms don’t “fall through the cracks”

  • Eliminate paper forms and create a digital department.
  • Improve department-wide productivity with automated workflows.
  • Monitor form review compliance and alert supervisors of missed reviews.
  • Digital forms that look like your department’s existing paper forms.

Arx – Community Command

Arx Community Command Dashboard provides a central location for your command staff to access, interact and analyze up-to-date team information so you can make smarter, data-driven decisions for the community you lead.

  • Early intervention and access to officer history and performance on a centralized dashboard.

  • Efficiently review and act on officer behavior and risks through an automated workflow.

  • One law enforcement platform for all your management needs.
  • Configure and customize functionality to make it work the way you want.

Arx Community software platform empowers you to See, Analyze and Act on the critical information impacting the communities your department serves.

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